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We are a company that develops useful applications for Android platform. We know that android devices, even if are getting more and more powerful, have limited resources, so we tend to give relevance to battery and memory problems.

Featured Product:


Drive safe with HandsFree SMS! This wonderful app allows you to listen your SMS/GTALK/XMPP messages while driving your car without looking at your phone or using hands! Handsfree SMS uses an advanced software technology to read your messages with natural voice and it adopts a system to avoid to forget the application on. The system features two beautiful widgets, and provides a set of options accessible thourhg a user-friendly interface.

  • Human-like voice
  • Widget to read message queues
  • Widget to read messages in real-time as they arrive
  • Local timer to activate/deactivate message reading
  • Compatible with Locale
  • SMS/Gtalk/XMPP compatible, with chat history
  • Automatic acronyms recognition and replacement
  • Ignore messages from a customizable set of contacts
  • Bluetooth compatible (media profile)